Inheritance Biology

Gregor Mendel
Mendelian principles : Dominance, segregation, independent assortment.
Concept of gene : Allele, multiple alleles, pseudoallele, complementation tests
Extensions of Mendelian principles: Codominance, incomplete dominance, gene interactions, pleiotropy, genomic imprinting, penetrance and expressivity, phenocopy, linkageand crossing over, sex linkage, sex limited and sex influenced characters.

Gene mapping methods : Linkage maps, tetrad analysis, mapping with molecular markers, mapping by using somatic cell hybrids, development of mapping population in plants.

Extra chromosomal inheritance: Inheritance of Mitochondrial and chloroplast genes, maternal inheritance.

Microbial genetics: Methods of genetic transfers transformation,conjugation, transduction and sexduction, mapping genes by interrupted mating, fine structure analysis of genes.

Human genetics : Pedigree analysis, lod score for linkage testing, karyotypes, genetic disorders.
Quantitative genetics : Polygenic inheritance, heritability and its measurements, QTL mapping.
Mutation : Types, causes and detection, mutant types – lethal, conditional, biochemica loss of function, gain of function, germinal verses somatic mutants, insertional mutagenesis.
Structural and numerical alterations of chromosomes : Deletion, duplication, inversion, translocation, ploidy and their genetic implications.
Recombination : Homologous and non-homologous recombination including transposition.